Vigrx Plus Results – My Results Using Vigrx Plus

Hey Guys! I was actually pretty nervous about making this video showing you my vigrx plus results and my experience with taking the vigrx pills because I wasn’t sure I wanted everyone to know about my insecurities but I figured I would make it because I know there are some guys out there that really need help and may feel like they are alone in the problems that they are facing.

Vigrx plus was something I found while searching online. I actually found a lot of stuff while searching online but Vigrx plus was the only thing that gave me the results that I was personally looking for. I had tried reading different books and online forums about jelquing and I had even tired a few pumps but the thing about pumps are it takes a while to see some really good results. I honestly thought I would never have the confidence to be able to approach women like I do or to even feel better about sex.


I know how hard it can be to take a chance on something that you have never tried, and it was hard for me too, even to share this personal video of my vigrx plus results but I honestly have no regrets about my decision on taking the vigrx pills because it has truly changed the way I feel about myself, I really hope this Vigrx reviews video is able to help someone and I also look forward to seeing all of your vigrx plus reviews .

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Vigrx Plus Reviews – What Vigrx Plus Did For Me

Hello everyone, thank you for taking a look at my video. My story begins with me and my wife. We have been together for over 15 years and when you are with anyone that long you always want to try and find new ways to spice up your relationship.

Not just by going out to new places, doing new things but by also spicing things up in the bedroom as well. One day one of my good buddies and I were hanging out and I had happened to ask him how did he keep that energy and fun in his sex life after being married for 17+ years and that’s when he told me he had just started using this new product he found online called Vigrx plus and that was the reason that his sex life had taken a turn for the better.


Thank you for taking the time to read my review and my personal vigrx plus results, I really appreciate it. Always remember if you are wondering where to buy vigrx plus always go to the official site or a site that leads you to an official site to make sure you get your pills.

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VigRX Plus Review- Learn More about It Here

Most men with low libido might want to hold this issue under carpet, however the sooner you handle this issue, the better. The truth of the matter is that losing moxie influences men of any age. Erectile brokenness is a genuinely regular issue, despite the fact that not very numerous individuals are enthusiastic to discuss it.

Really, the absence of data is the principle motivation behind why a great deal of men still has charisma issues. Answer for this issue is entirely basic, however very few individuals acknowledge it. Same as some other present day issue that science can’t explain, the arrangement lies in nature. To get your moxie in good shape, you needn’t bother with an enchantment blue pill made by enormous pharmaceutical enterprises!

The nature is your greatest partner! It has been that eternity, yet in the late couple of decades individuals have disregarded it. For all intents and purposes each issue that can be understood with meds can be illuminated snappier with regular cures. On top of that, common fixings don’t represent any threat for the human body.

VigRx was created because of that, which is the reason just characteristic fixings were utilized as a part of its generation. The wellbeing is one of numerous reasons why VigRx Plus is the main supplement with regards to male upgrade and erectile brokenness items. Truth be told, driving specialists on the subject like Dr. Michael A. Carter, Psy.D., Dr. Steven Lamm, M.D. also, Dr. Alexis Vazquez, D.O. have given this item a green light as far as security.

VigRx Plus: Worthy Successor of VigRx Male Enhancement Supplement

After an enormous accomplishment with VigRx, a similar organization chose to make a considerably more capable equation, which they named VigRx Plus. This item may be new available, yet its prevalence is becoming quickly. VigRx is debilitating to assume control over the position of royalty of world’s most well known male upgrade supplement!

Indeed, even those men who don’t have erectile issues are as yet searching for approaches to take their “bed execution” to the following level. There isn’t a man on the planet who hasn’t wished to have erections like renowned pornstars, similar to Ron Jeremy for instance. Talking about the porn performer, he is one of the individuals who guaranteed that VigRx Plus has helped him both in his profession and his own life.

Advantages of VigRx Plus

Various tests were led keeping in mind the end goal to check the advantages of this item. It was demonstrated that VigRx is a 100 percent safe item, which has three critical advantages on those utilizing it:

Increases the libodo

Provides longer and harder erections

Increases the force of a climax

Take note of that both VigRx and VigRx Plus exceed expectations in these three things, yet the later one is substantially more effective. The explanation behind that will be that a propelled equation was utilized as a part of the Plus rendition of VigRx. By including the correct measures of Damiana concentrate and Bioperine, VigRx Plus turned into the most intense common cure for treating erectile brokenness and low moxie. On top of that, this item was additionally turned out to be incredible with regards to penile expansion.

The best way to check whether an item truly works is to test it. It was tried both by experts and beginners. Aside from the three vital advantages that we said some time recently, it was clinically demonstrated that VigRx gives significantly more. Here are a portion of the impacts that you may get from utilizing this item:

  • It skyrockets your vitality levels
  • Boosts your stamina
  • Improves the blood stream in the penis, which brings about harder erections
  • Increases your drive

Vedic Lifesciences Clinical Study of VigRx Plus

Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd is an examination focus from Mumbai, India, which led an exploration keeping in mind the end goal to see whether the cases about VigRx Plus were valid. To do that, they did a study on 75 men for an aggregate of 84 days. The outcomes demonstrated the accompanying:

  • A 61% expansion in general sexual fulfillment
  • Sexual drive expanded by 47%
  • Intercourse fulfillment expanded by 71.43%
  • The capacity to keep up erection amid an intercourse has expanded by 62.82%
  • The simplicity of entrance has expanded by 58.97%
  • A 22.49% expansion in the quantity of climaxes was spotted

A 2-year triple-dazzle study was led to assist affirm these cases. A gathering of men somewhere around 25 and 50 was part in two. One half was given genuine VigRx Plus pills, while the other half took fake treatments. Whenever completed, the study concocted practically indistinguishable results as the 84-day concentrate on done by Vedic Life sciences.


What Users Have to Say About VigRx Plus?

Infrequently clinical studies and client encounter vary a considerable amount. What’s idea in principle won’t not occur practically speaking. That is the reason it is critical to mull over what clients of VigRx Plus need to state.

For this situation, rehearse affirms hypothesis! Individual encounters of VigRx Plus clients affirm what researchers have been asserting about this item. In any case, a few clients need to include a couple of more advantages that those researchers have missed. A hefty portion of the individuals who utilized VigRx Plus have encountered noteworthy changes in their sexual coexistence.

Among the most well-known advantages clients are guaranteeing this item delivers is the control of untimely discharges. That appears glaringly evident, in light of the fact that the fixings utilized as a part of VigRx Plus are known for such properties. What came as a shock is that a significant enormous number of VigRx Plus clients guarantee their penis has become greater in size!

To check whether it was an instance of fake treatment or this item can truly make your penis greater, we chose to ask the men who concocted the VigRx Plus recipe!

Will It REALLY Make Your Penis Bigger?

The short answer is yes! VigRx Plus contains normal fixings that expansion the blood stream in your entire body, including your penis. The better the blood stream the better the supply of vital supplements. In any case, this won’t make your penis greater, yet more beneficial. However, that is what is important. A solid penis will have the capacity to accomplish its greatest regarding erections. By utilizing VigRx Plus, you are not making your penis develop, but rather helping it understand its maximum capacity.

By and by, this implies you will see the expansion in the length and circumference of your penis. In the event that you consolidate the VigRx supplementation with penile activities, you have each privilege to trust that the change will stay perpetual. In view of that, individuals behind this item chose to incorporate a CD with penis practices in the bundle.

The Science behind its Formula

The right mix of regular fixings is the thing that makes this item work. Each of these herbs has been utilized as a part of customary prescription for a long time. VigRx is the blend that takes the best of these fixings.

Here is the principle VigRx Plus fixings, together with their advantages:

Bioperine – an alkaloid removed from dark pepper, whose primary object is to expand the exhibitions of different fixings by making them more absorbable.

Damiana – this herb was utilized by the antiquated Mayans for a wide range of erectile issues. At the point when blended with Bioperine, Damina turns into an intense love potion.

Tribulus Terretris – weight lifters swear by this plant, which is a standout amongst the most effective testosterone sponsors. It is demonstrated to build drive and enhances sexual stamina.

Epimedium Leaf Extract – the other name of Epimedium is horny goat weed. The plant is legitimately named as it is known to expand charisma, and additionally blood stream in the penis, consequently making erections longer.

Ginkgo Leaf – among the numerous advantages this plant has on the human body is that it makes erections harder.

Saw Palmetto – this little palm has been utilized as a part of customary prescription for treating fruitlessness. It was affirmed as of late that it greatly affects the soundness of prostate and can even counteract growth.

Different fixings – hawthorn berry, catuaba bark and muira puama bark separate.

Last Verdict

By taking a gender at the rundown of the elements of VigRx Plus, you can see that this item is 100% sheltered as it’s made of common fixings. Talking about fixings, every one of them have been demonstrated to treat some of men’s issues, including erectile brokenness, low charisma, and so forth. On account of that, it appears to be sensible to suggest this item. The outcome ought to be seen after just a couple days, so one pack of VigRx Plus ought to be sufficient to check whether it works for you.

Individuals who thought of VigRx Plus equation are so sure it works that they even offer an unconditional promise. The individuals who are not happy with the item following 67 days of utilization are welcome to return it and get a discount, no inquiries inquired.

Vigrx Plus versus Viagra

In this time of proof based prescription, recognizing components and similar examinations of different pharmaceuticals, medications and atoms may give a peruser or scientist direct data about finding the most secure and the most appropriate treatment for himself or herself. The accompanying article is expected to highlight the key components, advantages and attributes of two of the most oftentimes utilized and top offering pills as a part of the male enhancement industry i.e. Viagra and Vigrx Plus.


Vigrx Plus: Vigrx Plus is an all, common or home grown male enhancement pill that is without any manufactured fixings, additives or medication substances.

Viagra: Viagra or Sildenafil is simply a pharmaceutical or allopathic medicinal medication is clinically made through engineered substances.

Signs (Uses)

Vigrx Plus: Vigrx Plus is demonstrated for the regular treatment of an assortment of sexual issues or disarranges in men, for example, erectile brokenness, male impotency, orgasmic disappointment, low discharge volume or its shorter length, untimely discharge, diminished charisma and so forth.

Viagra: Viagra, then again, is demonstrated for the treatment of erectile brokenness in men. It doesn’t address other related and basic sexual issues, for example, untimely discharge or misfortune or moxie.

Method of activity (Mechanism of activity)

Vigrx Plus: Vigrx Plus acts by means of numerous methods of activity including (however not restricted to) testosterone increment, expanded vasodilation of the veins of the penis and enhancement sperm and semen check.

Viagra: Viagra was at first produced for the treatment of (hypertension). Upon investigations, in any case, it was found that it can really treat the absolute most regular reasons for erectile brokenness in men, albeit briefly. It does as such by expanding the nitric oxide (NO) in the blood. Larger amounts of NO, thusly, go about as vasodilator. Vasodilation is the procedure of dilatation (growing) of veins. Vasodilation prompts to higher blood volume in the veins of the penis which is fundamental for erection. Thus, longer and more grounded erections are conceivable.

Fixings and synthesis

Vigrx Plus: Vigrx is principally made out of the accompanying home grown fixings:

Korean Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Damiana separate, Tribulus Terrestris, Catuaba bark extricate, Muira Puama, Cuscuta remove, Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), and Bioperine.

Viagra: Viagra is a brand or exclusive name given to the bland substance sedate known as Sildenafil Citrate which is the main dynamic fixing present in Viagra.

Safety profile (danger of reactions)

Vigrx Plus: Vigrx Plus is an all common home grown definition that can be unhesitatingly utilized by grown-up men of any age and, in this way, no genuine reactions have been accounted for.

Viagra: Viagra, all things considered, is a medicine based medication that cannot be obtained without specialist’s solution. Like some other therapeutic medication, it has its own particular symptoms, for example, danger of hypotension unusually low circulatory strain), heart assault, angina, draining scatters and aggravations in assimilations. It ought not to be utilized by heart patients or patients with history of angina.

Value, reasonableness and economy

Vigrx Plus: When it goes to the cost and reasonableness, Vigrx Plus is by all accounts more temperate and moderate particularly over the long haul. On the off chance that obtained in mass, extraordinary rebates are offered and can be delighted in:

One month supply: $77 USD

Six month supply: $385 USD

A year supply: $490 USD

Viagra: No such rebates or exceptional offers exist for Viagra. All things considered, it’s a medicine just item. It can’t be acquired on the web or by means of web legitimately, without solution. Diverse normal costs for pills of various qualities are as under:

Single pill of 50 mg: $6.73 USD

Single pill of 100 mg: $13.45 USD

In this manner Viagra develops as the much more costly pill when contrasted with Vigrx Plus.

Reward/exceptional rebates and offers

Vigrx Plus: There are an assortment of rewards and exceptional offers connected with each buy of Vigrx Plus. For instance,

For Men Only Exercise CD (contains intelligent instructional exercises on different time-tried penis growth works out)

Container of Semenax semen volume enhancer

Free container of Nexus pheromones

$25 Better Sex Mall Card (which gives you $25 off buys of $100 or more)

At last, you can likewise get free participation of ErectionFitness Website

Viagra: Being a remedy just pill, there are no uncommon offers or rewards connected with Viagra.

Moneyback ensure/refund approach

Vigrx Plus: Vigrx Plus accompanies an exceptional 67-days unconditional promise and, consequently, counteracts you against any money related misfortune if there should arise an occurrence of disappointment with the outcomes.

Viagra: No such approaches for discount or Moneyback exist for Viagra.

Last decision – Vigrx Clear champ

It is clear from the above relative analysis that Vigrx Plus is an obviously unmistakable and very much recognized male enhancement pill. Not at all like Viagra, it is all characteristic, more reasonable, works for long haul and is free of symptoms. Likewise, it can be requested on the web, securely and safely while Viagra can’t be obtained without medicine. Hence, until and unless your specialist has really recommended “Viagra” for you, we unequivocally ask you to experiment with Vigrx Plus in any case due to its prosperity, simplicity of use, economy and high wellbeing profile.